Interior environments in a healthcare setting are designed to specifically ensure the comfort, safety and health of both the patient and provider. skai® artificial leathers are suitable for many types of upholstery applications including healthcare environments.
To meet the high standards placed on furniture and medical equipment going into a healthcare environment, we feature our skai® Revl Collection.
Developed in collaboration with performance textile company Crypton®, skai® Revl easily releases permanent marker, denim dye transfer, food stains and features durability to repeated cleanings by over 50 cleaners and disinfectants.
skai® Revl a great selection for your upholstery application needs for seating and furniture specified for reception areas, exam rooms, dental chairs, patient rooms and cafeteria areas.
New Crypton® collections (skai® Durango & skai® Modena) will be introduced in 2019. Please check back with us.

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