Performance Features

Flame Retardant

It goes without saying that skai® artificial leathers satisfy the high demands placed on flame-resistant materials and fulfill most national and international safety standards. The majority of the skai® USA stock collections meet Cal. Bulletin 117E., UFAC, NFPA 260. Specific FR standards for each collection are indicated in the information section of our US collection binders. Additionally, FR standards for each collection are noted on this website and in the color card data section. With our onsite R&D lab, we have the ability to formulate our products to meet your exact specification for FR requirements (minimum yardages required).

Crypton® Revl

The innovative vinyl surface Revl was developed in collaboration with performance textile company Crypton®. skai® Revl easily releases permanent marker, denim dye transfers and food stains. skai® Revl features durability to repeated cleanings by over 50 cleaners and disinfectants. High performance Crypton coating is integrated into the engineering process, offering superior resistance to cracking and wear.

Abrasion Resistant

skai® brand artificial leathers combine superior design, performance and durability to meet the demands of many of today’s high traffic environments associated in commercial applications. Please refer to the information page in the skai® US collection binder, individual color cards or the product specification data noted on this website for abrasion information on each collection. skai® products can be formulation to meet enhanced abrasion requirements on a custom basis. Minimums apply on custom formulations.


Our ecological story is one that we are very proud of and our efforts to minimize our environmental footprint have been rewarded and recognized by the State of Virginia E3 Program. Our Smart Base –skai® Veneto collection with its unique and fresh textile design is engineered and designed to be Phthalate-Free. Offered from stock in trendsetting colors, we can also utilize the Smart Base platform to create custom colors and textures in the same Phthalate-free formulation. Subject to a 1,200 yard minimum.

IMO Certified

Please ask us about our skai® Cruise ship products formulated to meet IMO FTPC & 0098-18 certifications. As part of the network of companies under the Continental corporate umbrella we have easy access to additional IMO certified products stocked at our parent company facilities in Germany.

Cleaning and Care

The special feel, performance and expressive embossing give high quality skai® artificial leathers their individual character.  In addition to extraordinary design, skai® surfaces are marked by ease of cleaning and care.

Remove any stains as quickly as possible with lukewarm water and a damp cloth.  The use of a common microfiber or cotton cloth is especially recommended for this purpose. In case of heavy soiling, we recommend using a warm, mild soap and a soft hand brush. The cleaning procedure may need to be repeated. Then, wipe of the rest of the cleaning agent with a damp cloth and lukewarm water. No cleaning agent should be used which contains oil and/or grease. Chemical cleaning is not possible with skai® surfaces. Dried substances or substances that have penetrated for an extended period may not be able to be removed completely. The surface of skai® materials is not resistant to solvents, chlorides, polishing agents, washing agents or aerosol sprays.

Please note that coloring of skai® surfaces by jeans or other textiles are excluded from any manufacturer’s guarantee.

skai® Color Cards

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skai® Glossary

Glossary of useful terms related to the skai® artificial leathers.

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